Shade Power builds solar solutions that provide shade while powering your home with clean energy.

Shade Power solar pergola on a sunny day with seating in the shade
Shade Power solar pergola view from above

Shade Power builds solar solutions for your home that provide significant energy savings. Homeowners can save the most through the end of 2020 before the federal solar tax credit decreases. At Shade Power, we install pretty much anywhere except your roof. We install:

Benefits of installing solar on a surface other than your roof include:

  • Protecting your roof: installing on a service other than your roof means no holes through your roof and no risk of voiding your roof warranty.
  • Lowering future home improvement costs: when you need to replace your roof, you won’t need to worry about removing and reinstalling your solar panels.
  • Providing an ideal surface for solar: many roofs do not have the ideal shape or orientation for solar installation. Our solar solutions allow us to position the solar in the best location possible.
  • Improving aesthetics: many homeowners don't like the look of solar panels on their roof, particularly if the solar must be placed on the front of the house.

Serving the East Bay, Mid-Peninsula, and South Bay

Map showing Shade Power service area from Berkeley and Walnut creek in the north down to Morgan Hill and Los Gatos in the south of the San Francisco Bay Area

Ready to Learn More?

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a Shade Power representative who will help answer all of your questions, survey your project space, and work with you to flesh out a vision for your solar project.

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