Shade Power solar pergolas provide a beautiful, shaded outdoor living space.

Solar patio cover attached to a house in San Jose, CA showing angled view of structure
6.2 kW solar patio cover in San Jose, CA

A solar pergola, also called a solar canopy or solar patio cover, is a shade structure designed with an integrated solar energy system. Solar pergolas can generate some or all of the energy your home needs while creating a beautiful shaded space in your backyard. Our solar pergolas are:

  • Custom built onsite by our team of skilled installers. 
  • Built with heartwood redwood – a beautiful, decay resistant, long-lasting wood.
  • Powered by Enphase microinverters – the best inverters available.
  • Designed with high efficiency solar panels that increase the solar production per square foot, backed with a 25 year warranty.

Solar Pergola Benefits:

  • Each project includes power outlets and market lights, turning your solar pergola into an even more perfect outdoor space.
  • Make a positive difference for the environment. Even our smallest solar pergolas keep over 100,000 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere through clean energy.
  • Provide an ideal surface for solar: many roofs do not have the ideal shape or orientation for solar installation.
  • Avoid issues with installing on older roofs or roofs made out of more delicate tiles.
Solar pergola showing the underside of the bifacial solar panels with a fireplace and patio underneath
12.2 kW solar pergola with bifacial solar panels in Cupertino, CA

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