Shade Power solar pergolas provide a beautiful, shaded outdoor living space.

Robust Redwood Construction

Redwood is naturally durable and resistant to decay and termites. It is also sustainably harvested right here on the west coast.

Showing the bottom of a solar carport made with redwood

The Best Solar Panels on the Market

We use Solaria PowerXT 400 W solar panels and LG Bifacial 405 W solar panels. Both are backed with a 25 year warranty.

Solaria panel used on Shade Power solar pergola

A Pergola that Powers Your Home

Our solar pergolas can generate enough energy to power your entire home or business. Because of all the money you save on electricity, Shade Power solar pergolas pay for themselves.

Optional Benefits

Affordable add-ons like power outlets and market lights can turn your solar pergola into an even more perfect outdoor space for entertaining or just hanging out.

Added Shade from Solar Panels

Solar panels installed on our solar pergolas provide additional shade to help keep you cool.

Woman enjoying the shade under a solar pergola

Helping the Planet

Even our smallest solar pergolas keep close to 100,000 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere through energy savings.

A picture of trees reaching up into the sky

Ready to Learn More?

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a Shade Power representative who will help answer all of your questions, survey your project space, and work with you to flesh out a vision of your solar pergola project.

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